Your holiday in...

Any time of the year is ideal for booking a stay at the Villachiara and experience the nature the upper Val Brembana.

The "extreme" seasons provide the best outdoor recreation. However, spring and autumn also offer moments of relaxation with views of the Orobic Alps.

… spring

The awakening of nature after a cold winter is a magical time that is not to be missed.

You can stay at The Villachiara B&B and Residence in the spring, and go for walk or ride mountain bikes on subalpine trails which have been hidden by the snow for a long time.

And perhaps discover new and enchanting views of our mountains. Feeling pleasure for the simple things in life, like a lap stream flowing through meadows that are no longer covered with snow!

... summer

During the summer, the surroundings of Villachiara are tinged with green. Summer invites you to stay at our hotel to escape the heat of the city and enjoy the cool of the evening.

There are many outdoor activities that you can practice: trekking, Nordic walking, horse riding or rock climbing.

There are also e-bikes and electric bikes with pedal assistance, which will allow you to reach distant destinations even if you are not fit!


... autumn

The Villachiara B&B and Residence also recommends coming to Branzi in the autumn. The soft colours of the foliage are a wonderful sight of the spectacle of nature, and they colour the already enchanting views of the Orobic Alps.
Yet another good opportunity to wear a pair of boots and go for walk through trails that penetrate the upper Val Brembana.

A new way to experience the mountains is to explore them with e-bikes or electric bikes with pedal assistance, ideal for covering long distances with less effort.
Once you return, you "deserve" a sauna or a relaxing massage in the wellness area.

... winter

Winter at The Villachiara B&B and Residence is synonymous with snow and skiing activities.

The Brembo Ski resort has 50 km of slopes for all kinds of snow activities.

On request, we organise snowshoeing at night so you can fully appreciate the magic of the Orobic Alps by night!