Around Branzi

The surroundings of the Villachiara B&B and Residence offer historical sites and unique landscapes. Nature lovers can explore the Orobic Alps on foot, or with snowshoes in winter. Or you can ski on one of the Brembo Ski resort’s many slopes.

For lovers of art and history, however, we recommend towns and localities that jealously protect their past: among these are Bergamo, Camerata Cornello and San Pellegrino Terme.


Brembo Ski resort

Thanks to the Brembo ski resort you can ski and have fun all winter long. It is the largest ski resort in the province of Bergamo, with over 50 km of slopes.

The area stretches between the towns of Foppolo, Carona and San Simone. The 14 ski lifts allow you to reach the slopes with three different levels of difficulty. Also, thanks to artificial snow, you will not run the risk of not being able to ski!

The Villachiara B&B and Residence is just 3 km away from the Brembo Ski resort. A free shuttle bus will take you to the ski lifts in no time.

The Orobic Alps

The Orobic Alps are mountains worth experiencing every day of the year. Summer invites you to go on evocative altitude excursions along trails of varying difficulty, on foot or on a mountain bike.

The pleasure of reaching shelters at high altitude has no equal. Alternatively, in July and August, there is a shuttle service you can book to reach some of the shelters, as well as tasting the traditional dishes served in the Bergamo valleys.

Ask the staff of the Villachiara B&B and Residence, they will show you the best routes to immerse yourself in nature in the Orobic Alpine foothills!

Camerata Cornello

Camerata Cornello is located in Val Brembana and has historical sites that are not to be missed. Like Cornello dei Tasso, rated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The name recalls the Tasso family, founders of the first European postal service.

The Tasso and Post Office History Museum is located in Cornello. The museum houses important relics such as a letter of 1840 with the first stamp in the world. The four exhibition spaces also exhibit the tools used by the postal service in that era. Finally, there is also an entire room dedicated to Torquato Tasso, the author of La Gerusalemme liberata (liberated Jerusalem).

San Pellegrino Terme

San Pellegrino Terme is located on the banks of the river Brembo, about 30 kilometres from the Villachiara B&B and Residence. A popular tourist town famous all over the world, it stands out because of its mineral waters and spas.

Certain important Art Nouveau architecture is related to the spa activities. For example, the old spa complex dates back to the early 1900s, and revives the "triumphal" atmosphere of the Belle Epoque.

The other outstanding buildings include the Casino and Grand Hotel, architectural gems in the same artistic style.


Bergamo deserves greater tourism prestige: in fact, it is not always included in the Lombardy tourist itineraries. However, the city offers glimpses of great historical and artistic value. What makes Bergamo unique is the fact that it was built on two levels. Bergamo Bassa is the most modern part of town, with interesting urban architecture.

However, Bergamo Alta is a medieval jewel which is still completely protected by its historic walls. The architecture inside the walls is outstanding and the churches are worth visiting. A starting point for every itinerary is the beautiful Piazza Vecchia (old square).